Relaxed dog getting pet massage at Portland Animal Massage
Portland Animal Massage cat loves massage

Massage for Dogs

Let me guide your dog into a meditative state with soothing massage strokes and gentle manipulation to improve muscle tone, circulation, and immune function. Over time you will see your nervous dog gain confidence and your older dog will be more comfortable with less stiffness. Young healthy dogs will benefit by keeping their bodies strong and flexible, reducing the risk of injury during play.  Give your dog the gift of massage

Massage for cats

Yes, you can massage a cat.  For most cats, you need to start slowly but once your cat has enjoyed massage they will be eager for more.  The fact is that all animals enjoy massage and perform massage on themselves and one another.  Your cat has no doubt given you a massage using the “kneading” stroke.  Reciprocate in kind. Set up an appointment for your cat here.